Sinyi's Contribution to the SDGs

Sustainable Strategy Integration: Sinyi Sustainability Principles correspond to the UN SDGs

In order to create sustainable value and “innovation in line with business ethics,” we develop innovative services through our value chain. Our management takes the 17 SDGs and the opportunities and risks they bring into account, and identifies the SDGs that we can have the greatest impact on through our own sustainable strategy, thus enabling us to achieve the SDGs

Sinyi’s Major Contributions Toward the SDGs

In line with Sinyi Sustainability Principles, key stakeholders, and the SDGs, the sustainable development priorities we have been working on include goals 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 17.

  • SDGs-1消除貧窮
  • SDGs-2消除飢餓
  • SDGs-3健康與福祉
  • SDGs-4教育品質
  • SDGs-5性別平等
  • SDGs-6淨水與衛生
  • SDGs-7可負擔能源
  • SDGs-8就業與經濟成長
  • SDGs-9工業、創新與基礎建設
  • SDGs-10減少不平等
  • SDGs-11永續城市
  • SDGs-12責任消費與生產
  • SDGs-13氣候行動
  • SDGs-14海洋生態
  • SDGs-15陸地生態
  • SDGs-16和平與正義制度
  • SDGs-17全球夥伴
  • SDGs

Sinyi Realty's Strategy and Actions Responds to SDGs

In addition to issuing annual sustainability reports, we also communicate sustainable development strategies and performance through a variety of other channels such as Sinyi sustainability website, social media, events, service announcements, and advertisements. We are thus able to better communicate our sustainability concepts to our stakeholders.

Sinyi Realty SDGs Report

Sinyi Realty has been striving to respond to the Sustainable Development Goals. This report describes our strategic direction and response to SDGs.

Sinyi Realty SDGs Report

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