Industrial Promotion

Industrial Promotion

Recording the trajectory of Taiwan's housing market

As a leader in the industry, Sinyi is very willing to share real estate expertise with the public. It is believed that the more popular professional knowledge, the more it can help to promote a reasonable, secure, and efficient industrial environment and build a trustworthy society.

Taiwan Real Estate Almanac

Xingyi Cultural Publishing has, since 1996, published an annual Taiwan Real Estate Almanac, providing an objective and rigorous record of the Taiwanese housing market which serves as an important reference for industry, academia, and government regarding trends and changes in the real estate industry. In addition to a macro view of the overall politics, economics, and industry trends, the yearbook covers market analysis of individual products such as residential, office, retail, and leisure real estate. Experts were commissioned to analyze and write articles about the important issues of the year.

In order to make the content of this almanac more substantial, the CNCCU-Sinyi Research Center for Real Estate has been entrusted to be responsible for the compilation of the work since 2001. Price and volume data of Taiwan’s long-term housing market and crucial economic and policy changes are updated yearly in hopes of presenting the industry and market development trends to foresee the future by examining the past.

In 2020, we published the 25th edition of the almanac, inviting experts from industry, academia, and government to provide their insight into contemporary issues in the development of the industry. The almanac has also been donated to the libraries of schools teaching real estate related areas to further contribute to the development of the industry.

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Each quarter, Sinyi Realty publishes the National Housing Price Index for major cities, providing objective indicators on actual trends in housing prices. This is the only collection of long-term data on the second-hand market from the private sector. Each quarter we disclose Real Estate Review, and share market information in details. Trust the transparency will help in industrial development.

Public Advocacy and Seminars

Sinyi participated in the Chinese Association of Real Estate Brokers, playing an important role and representing the industry in providing professional recommendations and analysis for the most current industrial issues.

  • Member of the Executive Council of the Complaints Review Committee: Arbitrated in real estate purchasing or leasing disputes; served as representative on the Taipei City Mediation Committee, assisting city government in resolving a variety of consumer disputes.
  • In order to protect both the cityscape and the purchasing rights of consumers, we assisted members in communications with the city government to coordinate safe, thorough advertising principles, resulting in a marked reduction in penalties and greater protection of consumer rights.
  • Member of the Joint Regulatory Committee: Assisted brokerage industry in researching remuneration methods for services and representing industry to legislators and Executive Yuan in fighting for related rights. Also worked with Ministry of the Interior to update brokerage industry service systems and design new measures.
  • Represented Joint Committee in meetings with the Ministry of Justice, helping with consultation and confirmation on applicable methods for prevention of money laundering in the industry and the scope of said methods.
  • Represented Association in meetings on amendments to the Real Estate Broking Management Act.

Because the Taiwanese government banned physical activities due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we complied with the policy and organized our first online lecture through live streaming on YouTube. Specifically, Professor Jang Ding-shiuan was invited to deliver a speech on the topic of “Exploration and Application of Taiwan’s Housing Vacancy Data”—where a comprehensible yet in-depth analysis of vacant houses was provided—in May 2020.

Subsequently, a forum entitled “Residential Housing Market - following Population and Household Structure Changes” was held, where experts specialized in various fields such as population sociology, spatial design, and architectural planning, and housing market research were invited to discuss the trends of population and household structure changes as well as the historical evolution of residential properties. The objective of the forum was to determine the correlation between population and the residential housing market, thereby providing guiding directions for urban residential housing development A total of 156 people participated.

Deepening Industry-Academia Cooperation and professionalism of our staff

Industry-Academia Cooperation

Sinyi worked with a number of schools, setting up internship programs, designing real estate industry courses, providing speakers from the industry, and offering corporate visits. Through this effective integration of resources, we were able to promote the development of both the study and new technique. In 2020 we offered 115 students for internship.

Staff training

Through live broadcast, online E-learn platform, etc., we provide diversified real estate courses, and regularly publish the latest industry news, encourage colleagues to sharpen themselves, with counseling, examinations, rewards for self-learning and other programs to ensure each staff has the best learning path.


2020 Sinyi FengChia Entrepreneurship Project

In order to help college students improve their employability and shorten the distance between academic and practical work, Sinyi cooperated with FengChia University to allow students join the cross-border cooperation with industry teachers’ assistance and Guidance. Students can learn through actual problem-solving and communication, get in touch with the industry early, and put what they have learned at school into practice.