Community Building

Community Building


“We are ONE” project is the longest-running and largest corporate-supported action plan for community building, and have been in place since 2004. Starting in 2015, the second ten-year community building plan for all people was launched, and it is expected to become a national movement. As of 2020, 11,883 proposals have been received, covering 99.46% of Taiwan’s townships and municipalities and 61.9% of tertiary institutes. Of these, 2,608 passed jury selection and sponsored. Topics including local culture preservation, vulnerable and elders care, environmental protection and education are promoted in local communities around the island.

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Sinyi Realty was honored with the Presidential Culture Award - Local Hope Award for our 13 years of community work with the “We are ONE” Project, becoming the first Presidential Cultural Award recipient from the private sector. This is not only an affirmation of the project, but also presents a model for companies to practice charity and give back to Taiwan through action. The Public Television Service dispatched a term to do interviews and shoot a documentary covering the “We are ONE” Project and the stories of what it has done for communities, helping further expand the influence of the project.

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Presidential Cultural Award

Since 2007, Sinyi staff formed a volunteer service group in order to better and deeper connected with the communities we support. The volunteer work can be tailor-made for each community and to address the real needs at local. Sinyi volunteers have invested more than 22,030 person-times and 163,145 hours of service in 2019, and they have been seen from the top of the mountain to the beach. In recent years, we try to advocate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our service, making the local volunteer work more connected to the global thinking.

In 2020, due to the impact of Covid-19 epidemic, large-scale events were not allowed, and therefore, physical volunteer activities were all cancelled.

“We are One” connects young power, Community Building finds new force.

From We are One to Community Building, we have connected young generation in the past 16 years. And for the very first time we joined a 2-day “Power Age Bazaar”, presenting innovative cases from our database and exchanging thoughts with visitors. It was great to see young people are ideal and enthusiastic to community building.