Occupational Health and Safety

Sinyi extends our care for workers, and takes the influence to the supply chain system. Workers include Sinyi employees and employees of key suppliers, whoever works in Sinyi’s workplace and other suppliers. Regulations and supplier sustainability clauses guarantee health and safety for workers and the occupational safety and health management system covers 100%.

Training For Occupational Health and Safety

As 80% of company workers are sales involved in direct customer service, the majority of using scooters to get to and from work, and sales often need to leave the branch to serve customers during work hours, there is a relatively high chance of traffic accidents.

Each safety promotion and training programs are as follows:
  • Carry out occasional traffic safety promotions, to ensure driving licenses are valid.
  • Hold fire safety seminars and emergency evacuation drills.
  • Set up Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and continue to hold training seminars on their operation to help staff understand the correct usage and other things to look out for.
  • Offices also undertake regular power safety checks, checks of air conditioning equipment and monitoring systems, disinfection, cleaning, and reinforcement of non-smoking regulations, helping ensure all staff can enjoy a safe and comfortable working environment.

Workplace Safety Analytics

When employees are injured, they are granted leave as appropriate in accordance with the relevant guidelines and the particulars of the situation, and we assist them with applying for labor insurance accident compensation. In 2020, a total of 184 people applied for injury leave for a total of 2,827 injury days.

Workers’ injuries are primarily identified in accordance with definitions by the Bureau of Labor Insurance, including traffic accidents (incl. to work, from work, and during work), falls, injuries while on dispatch, injuries due to impact by objects, etc., and do not include Mercurochrome incident. Injury rate and days lost to injuries are calculated according to monthly reports to the Bureau of Labor Insurance.

The Safety Management Results
Injury Rate Lost Day Rate Absentee Rate
11.96 178.624 0.32%

Sinyi Realty firmly believes that the key to business sustainability is happy staff, and happiness begins with physical and mental health. Sinyi works hard to help our employees seek balance between their work and home lives, thus helping maintain innovation and development in the company and joyful accomplishment among the employees.

Dedicated Happy Health Management Center to Care for Employees Health

We set up a unit dedicated to taking care of the physical and mental health of workers, the Happy Health Management Center, with dedicated nursing and medical professionals who put their expertise to use in providing treatment and information on healthcare to workers.

In their efforts to provide health management, they have established several checkpoints, including Health Consultation, Health Check-up and Follow-up, Promoting Health through the Sinyi Health Program, Health Management Platform, Prevention Plan, Immunization Service, and Employee Assistance Program.

Shortened Working Hours for Improving Work/Life Balance

80% of Sinyi Realty’s are sales, and due to the nature of the work, peak service periods tend to be when most people have finished work or during weekends. Long weekends and multiday holidays are also prime service periods. Given these facts, there is a high risk of working in excess of usual hours. Through overtime management mechanism, adjusting attendance time, and optimizing the leave system, helping our employees accomplish a balance between work and home lives.