Environmental Education

Sinyi Realty provides real estate brokerage services and does not produce products. In addition to implementing action plans of energy conservation and carbon reduction, it also regards the promotion of environmental protection consciousness as its own responsibility, actively responds to customer needs and develop more green services. Through improving internal environmental education, it can improve risk warning mechanisms, reduce climate impacts, and enhance Sinyi and its employees’ resilience to the impacts of climate change.

In addition to professional real estate knowledge training, Sinyi Realty offers training courses related to environmental protection, such as training courses of ISO 50001 and courses of energy and water resources conservation, etc. It also encourages employees to practice environmental protection in internal conferences and meetings to ensure that employees understand the relationship between people and the environment, and promote the fulfillment of environmental responsibilities through practical actions.

In 2021, the headquarters building and all branches of Sinyi Realty respond to the international “Earth Hour” event.

Support “Earth Hour ” Event

In addition to implementing energy conservation and carbon reduction, Sinyi actively promotes the values of environmental sustainability. Through developing community environmental protection services and encouraging colleagues to review the needs of community residents from the service process, such as environmentally friendly moving, recycling and reuse of old items, this can help improve the quality of life, and spread the environmental awareness. Therefore, we invite suppliers to jointly advocate sustainable environmental education and environmental rehabilitation activities, such as environmental protection lectures of “Sinyi Lecture project”, community environmental lectures, local low-carbon travels, the beach cleaning work of “Sinyi Volunteer project”, and the adoption of “We are One project” aims to sponsor communities to restore their natural living environment. We also organize sustainable activities to pass ISO 20121 verification, hoping to establish a green supply chain to convey the environmental awareness of sustainable consumption and production, and gather people’s strength to achieve sustainable life.

The beach cleaning work of “Sinyi Volunteer project”

Local low-carbon travels