Recruiting and Nurturing

The 30-day Work Appraisal Program

Sinyi Realty hires only those with no experience in real estate agency for our salespeople, providing a guaranteed monthly salary of NT$50,000 for the first six months, a higher starting standard than other industries will offer to newcomers. Also giving them a chance to learn the ropes without worry. As a result, Sinyi provides one extra month salary for outgoing employees.

A Careful Start:
Only Using Sales Staff with No Real Estate Agency Experience

Sales staff account for 80% of Sinyi Realty’s total employees. Whether they’re fresh college graduates entering the workforce, middle-aged people looking to change careers, members of Aboriginal tribes, or people looking for a second job, as long as they have no experience with real estate agency, everyone is welcome to join the Sinyi Realty family.

New Talent Oriented Program:
30-day Work Appraisal Program

We provide a guaranteed NT$50,000 monthly salary for the first six months, ensuring these new hires can feel at ease as they learn about the real estate industry and develop the service skills needed to keep customers satisfied. On top of this, in April 2015 we introduced the 30-day Work Appraisal Program, which includes not only the NT$50,000 guaranteed salary, but also an NT$50,000 transition payment. Through this, we invite young people to explore the possibility of a career in the unfamiliar real estate industry.

Talent Development and Cultivation

Establishing trust between agent and customer is fundamental to real estate agency, and as such the character of agents is crucial. Sinyi has always attached great importance to education and training, believing that while such training may be expensive, not training employees are even more costly. The company will pay the price for poor quality service, a price that would far exceed the cost of any education and training.

Sinyi takes a long-term perspective on talent cultivation and development, offering courses in the skills and knowledge needed at each stage in employee careers to help them develop diverse skills and continue to learn and improve.

Sinyi attaches great importance to the passing on of ideas, and to help boost management leadership, we held regular regional management service training camps focusing on “becoming employees’ ideal managers.” Through topical discussions, the wisdom of the crowd, practical drills, and sharing of experience, these aimed to help management integrate Sinyi’s philosophies into their approaches to management and their partners.

Training covers Sinyi’s business philosophy, rules and regulations, professional knowledge and skills, and attitude, weaving Sinyi’s philosophy through the entire training programs to ensure that all staffs set out with the correct understanding and the ability to thoroughly put that into use.

Industry-Academia Cooperation

Overview of Employee Training

Sinyi integrated the core concepts into a series of courses corresponding to the abilities and knowledge required for different positions, such as general knowledge and courses according to different themes into online learning, so that employees can allocate learning and working hours well and more flexibly. Moreover, we added diversity learning which for professional and duties related skills lessons.

Average Training Hours

  2018 2019 2020
Number of People Total Hours Average Hours Number of People Total Hours Average Hours Number of People Total Hours Average Hours
Rank General Employees 3,790 31,461 34.69 4,144 192,468 46.44 4,400 173,502 39.22
Base-level Management 477 13,225 27.73 461 12,845 27.86 512 22,499 43.77
Middle Management 57 2,264 39.72 96 3,860 40.21 68 4,071 59
Senior Management 15 650 43.33 15 870 58 17 620.5 36.5
Gender Male 2,735 88,560 32.38 2,956 126,025 42.63 3,091 124,997 47.69
Female ,604 59,040 36.81 1,760 84,018 47.74 1,906 75,698 41.98
Totol 4,339 147,600 34.02 4,716 210,043 45.19 4,997 200,693 44.62

Sinyi Realty Belief-oriented Talent Cultivation System


  • Project Training was the key training for the year, applicable to all staff, and has its focus adjusted each year based on that year’s work.
  • On-the-Job Training is a training system developed for the company to promote and encourage training in management operations on site.