Business Philosophy

The core values of Sinyi Realty are Trustfulness, Righteousness, and Ethics.

Since the founding of Sinyi Realty, we believe in the philosophy “Established based on trustfulness and righteousness, our pursuit of them is endless”. We hold the business philosophy seminars for all colleagues in the company every month to discuss topics related to business ethics. In 1995, we published “The business philosophy record of Sinyi Business Group” as a guideline for business operation.

More than 30 years ago, it was so chaotic in the real estate market, and it seems that only the enterprise operates in a dishonest way survive. However, the founder, Chun-chi Chou, deeply believes that was caused by short-sighted and shallow thoughts. It was just like the waves (short-sighted means) hit the coast weak and sporadic, but the real stable and strong power belongs to the ocean currents under the sea which parallel to the coast (the values and behavior meets the social interests). And the currents are like the direction the enterprises should follow. Confucianism deeply influences the Chinese for more than two thousand years, and it implies us that its values can stand the test of time like the ocean currents. After careful consideration and much thought, the founder, Chun-chi Chou has decided to derive three major values related to business from Confucianism. These are “Trustfulness, Righteousness, and Ethics”.

"Righteousness (Yi)" is a proper thought or conduct, and "Trustfulness (Sin)" is to value the commitment and be true to one’s word. So “Sinyi” does mean “a man/woman does what to do and keep his/her word”! Ethics is having proper conduct for each Stakeholder, and building appropriate relations with them. Then put the corporate social responsibility into practice. In short, do what you need to do (righteousness) and keep your word (trustfulness). As long as you can have ethical conduct, you may have less transaction cost, and accelerate efficiency and competitiveness.

Is innovation always “good”?
What kind of innovation do people really need?
For Sinyi Realty, the innovation with business ethics is what people really need.

Business ethics is defined as "the corporate has appropriate conduct and relationship for its stakeholders in order to put the corporate social responsibility into practice". How about if the innovation without business ethics? You can take the story about "derivative financial goods" into consideration. It is certainly called as innovation, but bring huge damage to the innocent and the world....

Economic Daily Column
What is the relationship between sustainable development and business ethics?

Sustainable development is try to get the balance with economic development, society and environment.

Business belongs to the economic level focus on the company’s sustainable development. The company needs to design the whole new business model to solve social problems during operations in order to take a balance of "economic" and "society" at the same time. It must also have energy and carbon conservation, environmental protection during operation in order to guard the rights and interests of future generations. That is so called a balance of "economic" and "environment".

And the intersection of these three aspects (economic, society and environment) is "business ethics".

The relation of innovation, business ethics and sustainable development can be described in one sentence - "the fundamental of sustainable development is the innovation with business ethics".