Innovation Service

Expand Interior Design Imagination by DiNDON - Smart House Viewing Service

In the past, if we want to construct a 3D elevation with its floor plan we must use an expensive 3D dedicated camera and every step must be a shooting point during the process. Moreover, about 99 square meters takes more than 60 minutes to shoot. Which means it cost a lot to have one 3D elevation. Usually, this tech is conducted for high-cost properties. Sinyi provides "DiNDON - Smart House Viewing Service” that the same space can be taken in about 20 minutes with a normal single-lens camera, and then through image recognition and deep learning to create 3D elevation. Automatic 3D modeling with artificial intelligence and real-time rendering with panoramic view allows customers could choose different styles to realize a property well instead be covered by disordered furniture.

Build a 720-degrees View for Customers

Making indoor environmental quality allows customers to view properties easier.

2D / 3D Visualization

High definition visualizations show the public what properties look like inside clearly.

Interior Design Imagination

Automatic 3D modeling with artificial intelligence and real-time rendering with panoramic view allows customers could choose different styles to realize a property well instead be covered by disordered furniture.

Online Measurement Scale Tool

Do away with the manual process of taking print outs and verifying dimensions with this online ruler that can easily measure dimensions. (Please go to the actual site to measure and confirm the measurement before property transaction)。

Safe Rental Guarantee Project for Commercial Real Estate

According to statistics from the Fire Department, fires in residential & commercial mixed-use and warehouses are increasing. Most warehouses coexist with storefronts and office spaces. In order to provide more complete protection services, Sinyi and Cathay Century Insurance jointly launched the " Safe Rental Guarantee Project for Commercial Real Estate ", targeting commercial tenants. Rent a store or office from Sinyi Realty, there is one year of commercial fire insurance protection service.

Within a certain period of time, those who have completed transactions Sinyi Leasing, as long as they meet the qualifications, Cathay Century Insurance will provide one-year protection service, the insurance amount is up to NTD $ 5 million and the insurance is paid by Sinyi already. In the unfortunate event of a fire, the insurance can assist the tenants, and the landlord can also get building losses settlement. The project has pre-prevention for both the landlords and tenants.

Protection Against Pest-caused Timber Decay

Sinyi announced the initiative launch of the industry-“Protection Against Pest-caused Timber Decay" in 2019. The protection period is six months since a house has transferred. The contents included "Debugging Service", "Wood Decoration Damage Compensation", and the maximum compensation is NTD$ 300,000. It is estimated that it will invest NTD$10 million to build this service system, so that transactions can become more secure for both parties.

Sinyi Realty lauches Industry-first “Guarantee service of properties’ falling price loss”

Sinyi Realty has since always paid much attendtion to customer rights, and strived to provide innovation in services. Building around concepts of prevention and comprehensive protection, Since 2017, Sinyi Realty has cooperated with Fubon Insurance to work out Guarantee Service of Safely Renting House, including one that will allay the concerns of landlords with regard to the particular risks of renting or leasing out properties, offering full rental protection that will also help differentiate us in the market.

Guarantee Service of Safely Renting House has been formailly launched in April 2018. Through Sinyi offers the rental insurance service, landlords can get this guarantee product paid by Sinyi Realty in one year by renting houses under specific conditions. If the particular risks happen, landlords will receive NT$1 million dollar for the falling price loss of properties and up to NT$10 thousand dollar for cleaning fees. This guarantee product not only allay the concerns of landlords but also differentiate us in the market. In the future, Sinyi Realty will continue to survey service demand of rental market, constructing comprehensive services.

Providing one-stop services of real estate

Building on the stable foundations provided by our existing business in real estate agency and overseas operations, we have effectively integrated up- and down-stream specializations. Additionally, through our agency department, we have successfully created all-new sales channels, providing customers with a full suite of property services, consultations, and investment advice. Sinyi brokers bring together a comprehensive skill set in real estate, helping buyers find the properties that best fit their needs. In 2017, they accumulated a total of nearly 9,000 customers, with successful transactions nearly doubling 2015 and accounting for nearly 55% of all transactions. Having created such a strong foundation, our brokers anticipate ongoing growth in 2018.

Sinyi Realty launches Old Home Health Check service

The collapse of the Wei Guan residential building in Tainan in early 2016 aroused great public attention to the structural safety of buildings. Since May 14, Sinyi Realty has begun providing “Old Home Health Checks” for buildings of six floors or more completed before or on September 21, 1999, in Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, and Changhua. In the course of these checks, anyone signing a new contract with Sinyi Realty of 90 days or more is also eligible to apply for architects or civil engineers with inspection certifications to conduct free on-site checks to make preliminary assessments of structural safety.

In the past, consumers have been more concerned in the course of real estate transactions about more visible factors like price, location, and appearance. Since the earthquake in southern Taiwan, however, Soil liquefaction problems have again come to the surface, and as such this and structural safety are sure to become increasingly key to successful real estate transactions. During this project, Sinyi Realty has provided the service to some 40 groups of customers, helping with preliminary inspections of building structures and disclosing relevant information in real estate brochures, with outstanding results.

Industry-first “Decoration Escrow” service

Bringing together the professional skills of the group, An-Sin Real Estate Management, providers of the Existing Home Compliance Guarantee system for housing transactions, have worked with us to develop a compliance guarantee service for home renovations, establishing a new platform for safe transaction services in the renovations market With the Decoration Escrow service and turn-key engineering, enabling consumers to make use of providers at no extra cost who have signed agreements with Sinyi Living can enjoy design services with a guarantee of professionalism, including the signing of standardized, official, third-party contracts and professional payment management, lifting from them the worry about paying for service they won’t receive. At the same time, the providers can rest assured that they will receive due payment. In this way, what was once the most common source of consumer disputes in the decoration market is reduced.

Innovative low-carbon services

Line@ Accounts

Using the high level of user adhesion of the instant messaging service Line, our branches have opened their own Line@ business accounts. Line’s simplicity of operation, with functionality including instant messaging and online Q&As, has helped us go beyond the traditional limitations of time, region, and targeting to reach out to customers or re-contact existing ones, directly expanding the scope and effectiveness of our marketing. In 2017, approximately one-third of our branches, or 136 of them, opened Line@ accounts, and the number will continue to rise during 2018, making it a valuable tool for all our sales staff in accomplishing SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) integration.

Digital Dispatches

By providing a range of options tailored by target demographic, interests, and age bracket, we are able to avoid troubling customers with inappropriate recommendations. The evolution of our dispatch methods has enabled Sinyi not only to launch digital dispatches that are both environmentally friendly and protect customer information security and privacy, but also to launch individualized electronic newsletters that connect our sales staff with customers through email and Line, providing timely and interesting information on the housing market.

Following the 2016 pilot launch, in 2017 we will continue to increase the number of branches using digital dispatches and cards, providing a valuable tool for our sales staff and helping achieve our green service goals. In 2016, Taiwan's housing market faced a downturn with only 245,000 building transfers during the year, a record low. Confronted by this unusually grim external environment, the company’s staff came together as one to overcome the challenge. Not only did we continue to deepen our commitment to both talking the talk and walking the walk with regard to what should be done, we also became more determined to actively develop a variety of new innovative services to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Real Estate Brochures

In order to avoid possible risks like buyers not being able to complete transfers of ownership, encountering structural safety issues, having unusual provisions for usage beyond regular usage methods, finding themselves unable to actually use the site, or being unable to secure a loan, or other issues like sellers or agents providing inaccurate information and thus causing disputes, in 1989 Sinyi Realty became the first real estate business in Taiwan to offer real estate brochures. Each customer that commissions Sinyi Realty also enjoys the production of real estate brochures.

A real estate brochure could be considered an “ID card” for a property, containing not only a full record of property rights survey results, but also the sales commission service contract, outline of the subject’s status, market information, ownership certificate, household registration transcript, cadastral map, housing condition, and other such information. This helps the buyer get a clear understanding of the internal and external condition of the property, avoiding potential disputes. In 1999, the government formally wrote into law the requirement for real estate brokers to provide such brochures to customers, adjusting what must be listed in them in October 2015, adding almost 100 additional items of content to provide a fuller picture to buyers.

In 2017, Sinyi reviewed all 82,098 brochures produced, finding a total of zero customer-reported errors in said brochures. Sinyi’s Appraisal Department conducts a two-stage review of the accuracy of real estate brochures, with one group conducting initial reviews and another the second reviews. Should at any point an error be indicated by another department, those responsible are awarded a gift certificate, helping further facilitate the minimization of errors.

Innovation Services over the years


  1. Our Sinyi Home Service Center gets industry-first certified for ISO9001 Verification to strictly safeguard consumers for their interests, with “Strict Selection of Service Providers”.


  1. Sinyi launched the innovative service functions with “house price thermometer” to demonstrate the prices of deals successfully accomplished in the local area through easily understanding thermometer, helping customers locate urban oasis in an easy and enjoyable way.
  2. Sinyi presented the message of “promotional propaganda messages” with skilled utilization of M-tool to effectively conserve the costs which have been wasted on conventional text messages.


  1. Sinyi presented M-oriented Innovating Services known as “Top Agent”, using M-oriented tools to help Sinyi teammates render services to customers in real-time.
  2. Sinyi initiated the “Assurance Services against Potential suicide or Murder Involved Houses”.


  1. Sinyi launched “Four Major Assurances” to perfectly safeguard consumers against a building built with cheap, unreliable concrete which contains a high quantity of sea sand, radiation-contaminated building, leakage and transaction security.


  1. Launched the ”e station for reception services”, and served from the very details to key points.


  1. Sinyi pioneered in the entire real estate agent services to render “Internet online house view services” with extraordinarily power interactive function to enable customers to view through their desired houses anytime and anywhere.
  2. Sinyi pioneered “House View through Cell Phone” to facilitate customers to look into their desired houses wherever they are, whenever they desire.