Governance Structure

Governance Structure

We consider our shareholders as our highest authority. All business is carried out under the management and supervision of the Board of Directors under the leadership of the chairman. At present, the company has no CEO position. All general business planning and interdepartmental coordination is undertaken by the General Manager in line with market conditions and existing competition. The Chairman and General Manager positions are not held by the same person in Sinyi. The General Manager is not a member of the Board.

Sinyi Realty's Governance Structure


Regularly Review ESG Strategy and Performance

The Total Ethical Management Committee is convened by the Directors and the Chairman, with the members drawn from C-Suites senior management, including the General Manager, the VP of staff, and the VP of sales. It is the highest unit for the handling of sustainability matter within Sinyi, with six working groups set up below the committee. The committee meets once a season and whenever otherwise convened, discussing material issues. In 2020, the committee met 4 times. The TEM committee is managed by the Chief Strategy Officer Office.

Function and Authority
  • Coordinate the company’s CSR and sustainable development direction and set relevant goals
  • Report to the Board on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance and future strategic goals at the end of each year
  • Collect and collate stakeholder views and identifying/managing ESG impacts, risks, and opportunities
  • Hold quarterly ESG performance and goal fulfillment reviews
  • Compile CS reports and provide it to the Board for review and issuance
  • Assist in conducting dialogues with Stakeholders
  • Core of group sustainable development
  • Resolve major risks and risk owners in order to control and supervise risk. The person in charge of risk will be C-Suites who is responsible for identifying risk issues, discussing then, and undertaking management objectives with the risk management executive unit in order to strengthen overall risk management and follow-up supervision of cross-business and cross-department communication, so that resources can be more effectively used for overall management.
Discussion Topics and Attendance

The topics discussed in the TEM committee include content related to various stakeholders. Members were actively present and enthusiastically participated in the discussion. The proportion of time spent on discussion of topics by TEM committee, and the attendance situation in 2020:

pdfDiscussion Topics and Attendance in 2020

In 2021, we established the Corporate Ethics Sustainability Committee. The purpose is to link Sinyi's efforts in corporate ethics, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable development, to create and form a comprehensive effect of organizational resource integration, and to implement Sinyi’s business mission, the practice of “Sinyi People → Sinyi Company → Sinyi Society.” (Sinyi means “Trustworthy” in Chinese)

To help share our knowledge, information, experience, and best practices more effectively, we are active participants in the following associations, aiming to leverage our influence in the industry through cooperative efforts with influential organizations to lead the industry to new, higher standards.

pdfList of Membership of Associations

Sinyi Realty actively participates in external initiatives, responds to international standards, and strives for environmental, social and economic efforts through more interactions to jointly implement sustainable development

pdfParticipation in External Initiatives