Human Right Policies

Human Rights Risk Mitigation

Since the establishment of Sinyi, we has always upheld our "people-oriented" spirit of trustworthiness, recognizing and voluntarily following the "United Nations World Human Rights Declaration", the “United Nations Global Covenant”, the “United Nations Guiding Principles on Enterprise and Human Rights”, the “United Nations International Labour Organization” and other international human rights protection standards to prevent any violations of human rights. Sinyi treats all workers with dignity and respect by the "Sinyi Realty Human Rights Commitment". There were no grievances reported in 2022.

Job training included their rights and regulation for new hires

We implemented sexual harassment prevention training, business philosophy camp, lectures on prevention of illegal violence in the workplace, occupational safety series and honesty and ethics promotion. The coverage rate is 100%. We repeatedly announce respect to genders and prevention of harassment in every weekly meeting that participants were around 50,000 persons in 2022.

Preventing discrimination in recruitment, training, and promotion

To prevent discrimination in our workplace we ask HR department to make sure the workplace policy is properly enforced, workers would be treated equally; moreover, new hires of sales representatives have equal pay. As to promotion, Sinyi promises there is transparent promotion policy.

Compulsory occupational health and safety training

Provide different levels of safety training, such as fire drill, emergency response training, first aid training, and general occupational safety and health training for the situations faced by different types of employees in the workplace.

Keeping workers being physical and mental health and prohibiting forced labor
  • Providing EAP program
  • Superior health check-up than required
  • Health promotion program
  • Flexible benefit – Sinfu Coin
  • Having flexible working hours to encourage workers get work and life balanced
The human rights of suppliers

Our sustainability terms have ESG considered, and we continue to deepen the on-site inspection of key suppliers. Especially the second clause that suppliers should promise the employment process is handled in accordance with Laws and other relevant regulations, and there is no discrimination due to race, gender, age.

Indication 2021 2022
Suppliers Signed sustainability Terms  100%  100%

Employment Overview

As of the end of 2022, Sinyi Realty had a total of 5,112 employees, including 15 Top-level management, 72 executory management, 565 supervisory management, and 4,460 employees. Due to the nature of the real estate agency business, male employees were somewhat greater in number than, while female managers accounted for 20.4% of total management.

New Hires and Turnover

Of the total workers in Sinyi Realty, sales staff account for approximately 81%, and while there is no gender bias in hiring, due to the nature of the industry new hires tend to largely be young males. Departures are similarly structured to the overall employment structure, with the largest number being men under 30 years of age. Real estate agency is a somewhat challenging line of work, demanding not only long hours but also a heavy workload.


Grievance Mechanism and Communication Channels

In order to understand the views and feelings of our workers with regard to organizational development or policy implementation and to provide a work environment free from sexual harassment and gender discrimination, we have established a multilingual channel for communications, continue to promote the use of such communication channels, and ensure that communications mechanisms operate smoothly. Such efforts help employees resolve issues regarding personal rights, unfair treatment, or other matters, enabling staff to immediately have their positions addressed and creating a workplace free from barriers to communication.

Communication Channels:

Should ethical concerns arise or should they have any opinions regarding internal or external issues pertaining to the company, all stakeholders are free to share their suggestions, clear up concerns, or address misconduct.

  • Various internal meetings
  • Internal communications platform
  • Employees communications mailbox
  • Departmental service hotline
  • labor-management meetings
  • EAP employees assistance program
  • 1234 sexual harassment prevention hotline
  • Course opinion surveys
  • Internal questionnaires and surveys
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