Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability Principles

Get to Net Zero

  • GRI 103

Material Topics and their Meaning
to Sinyi

Faced with increasingly severe extreme climate crises, Sinyi Realty believes that while pursuing reasonable profits from our real estate services, we should also value the resources that the planet provides us with and do all that we can to promote climate actions and innovative green services. We hope to drive people to pay attention to the climate crisis, coexist with the environment, benefit the society, and jointly repair the damaged earth environment, so as to protect the earth's ecology and create a new green and sustainable future.

Sinyi Realty’s Environmental and ecological Impact

Sinyi has responded to the carbon emission reduction goals from the Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C (IPCC), that is, “reducing about 45% from 2010 levels by 2030”. Meanwhile, because Sinyi’s carbon emissions of electricity consumption account for 91% of GHG emissions (category 1&2), we have calculated the emissions of electricity consumption since 2010. Compared with 2010, we have reduced GHG emissions of electricity consumption by 34.36%, and already cumulatively reduced 30,205 tonCO2e since 2010 and the cumulative reduction has reached 321% of the 2010 levels. In order to set the carbon reduction target in response to the Paris Agreement in a more scientific way, we participated in the Science-Based Targets initiative and set the GHG emission goal by 2030, that is, " a 90% reduction in GHG emissions compared with 2017(category 1&2) and a 12.5% reduction in GHG emissions compared with 2020(category 3~6)”. As a pioneer in the field of CSR, we will keep various action plans to reduce carbon emission and improve the efficiency of energy and resource usage, and invite people to join us to unswervingly move towards the goal of “Net Zero” in order to protect the ecology and improve environmental sustainability.

Note 1: Our 2010 Carbon Emissions of Electricity Consumption were 9,393,635 kgCO2e.

Sinyi’s Major Contributions
toward the SDGs

Goal 7
Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable
and modern energy for all.
Our Action

In response to this SDG target, Sinyi Realty has introduced the GHG inventory and management approaches to understand its energy usage and carbon emissions. Since we found that electricity is the main item of energy usage, we strived to implement various energy conservation measures and actions. Sinyi not only introduced ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 to improve energy management, but also pay close attention to the carbon emissions of electricity consumption. We understand that clean energy can prevent carbon emissions from causing climate disasters. To this end, we actively support the development of renewable energy and set our 2030 goal for renewable energy procurement, that is, “100% renewable energy consumption by 2030”. At the same time, we also invited our key supplier to join the ranks of renewable energy procurement with us to respond to the international goal of “Net Zero by 2050”.

Goal 12
Ensure sustainable consumption and
production patterns.
Our Action

Sinyi is actively responding to this SDG target, continuously promoting sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources. We reviewed our energy policies and management procedures, implemented green procurement to achieve the overall usage of environmentally-friendly equipment. In addition, we have introduced the UGS EMS in the headquarters building, and the “DOMI-Smart EMS" in the branches. We also introduced and passed ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 20121, so that we have become the first service industry chain company in the world to pass these assurances. In the future, we will respond appropriately to issues of concern to stakeholders throughout the process, from the planning to execution. We also promote sustainable development information and awareness to customers, staff, vendors, the public, and other stakeholders to ensure sustainable consumption and production models and achieve sustainable development.

Goal 13
Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.
Our Action

This goal is focused on improving education, raising awareness and enhancing the capacity of people and institutions in terms of reduction of the relevant risks of, adaptation to, reducing the impact of, and providing early warnings regarding climate change. Sinyi Realty strives to reduce our carbon footprint and energy consumption, as well as viewing it as our responsibility to promote concepts of environmental consciousness. In addition, our local branches have connected with the community to organize various environmental lectures and activities. As such, improving education, raising awareness and enhancing the capacity of people and institutions in terms of reduction of the relevant risks of, adaptation to, reducing the impact of, and providing early warnings regarding climate change should also be work which we strive to accomplish.


  • ISO 14064-1 Greenhouse Gas Inventory, ISO 14067 Product Carbon Footprint Verification and PAS 2060 Carbon Neutrality Verification
  • ISO 14046 Water Footprint Verification
  • ISO 50001 Energy Management System, ISO 14001 Envrionmental Management System, and ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management Systems
  • Actively respond to the global trends of environmental sustainability and improve renewable energy consumption
  • Carry out annual planning and management in line with material environmental issues laid out by the Green Management Group
  • Connect with the community to organize sustainable environmental lectures and activities to promote concepts of environmental consciousness


Total Ethical Management Committee—Green Management Group

Future Strategic Goals

  • 2021

    Short-term Strategic Goal

    Establish the quantitative or qualitative goals of each material topic for the next year.
  • 2022~2030

    Medium-term Strategic Goal

    The organization’s future goals and its agenda for improvement in regard to all the dimensions and our material topics.
  • 2030+

    Long-term Strategic Goal

    The organization’s development principles and management controls in the society, environment, and governance dimensions.
  • 2021 Short-term Strategic Goal ▼

    Short-term Strategic Goal: 2021

    • 1% Reduction in Carbon Emissions per Transaction

    • 2.5% Reduction in GHG Emissions(category 1 & 2)

    • 1% Reduction in per-capita Water Consumption

    Sinyi has integrated internal and external resources, improved green innovative services and energy efficiency, been increasing renewable energy consumption, and strengthened carbon emission reduction and management.

  • 2022~2030 Medium-term Strategic Goal ▼

    Medium-term Strategic Goal: 2022~2030 Vision

    • 90% Reduction in GHG Emissions(category 1 & 2), 45% Reduction in Carbon Emissions per Transaction, 30% Reduction in per-capita Water Consumption [Base year: 2017]

    • 12.5% Reduction in GHG emissions(category 3~6) [Base year: 2020]

    • 100% renewable energy consumption

    In the face with the impacts of climate change, Sinyi has participated in Net Zero initiatives, integrated internal and external resources, promoted environmental awareness and restoration actions, and continuously reduced carbon emissions, so that achieving Sinyi’s goal of Net Zero Emissions.

  • 2030+ Long-term Strategic Goal ▼

    Long-term Strategic Goal: Sinyi Sustainability Principles Get to Net Zero

    In order to prevent extreme climate threats, Sinyi has strived to promote green innovative services, raised customers’ consciousness of energy conservation and emission reduction, in order to boost corporate opportunities and competitiveness.