Welfare and Promotion

1.Sales Representatives

A Salary and Incentives Policy that Focuses on Right not Profit, A High Guaranteed Monthly Salary

Sales staff receive a fixed monthly salary based on a standardized system built around job level, while performance and team task accomplishment bonuses are granted to individuals and teams accordingly.

Team Bonuses Tied to Quality

After transitioning to formal employment, sales staff’s salary is composed of base salary, individual bonuses, and team bonuses, promoting intrateam cooperation.

Long-term Employment Bonus System

Outstanding staff also have the opportunity to earn retention bonuses, encouraging them to stand beside us long-term and create win-win situations.


According to the Guidelines for Salary by Job Position, back-office employees receive salaries based on market standards, professional competency, and education. When it comes to March, salaries of administration are reviewed and an external salary survey conducted with salary standards adjusted in line with market levels.

3.Sharing the Fruits: One-third of Net Profits Shared with Employees

If the company enjoys a profit in a given year, one-third of after-tax net profit is set aside for end-of-year employee’s bonuses and annual performance bonuses, a concrete realization of the spirit of profit sharing. The amount received by each person differs according to the results of their performance evaluation.

One-third of after-tax net profits are set aside to shared with all the employees

4.Reasonable Compensation

Starting Salaries for New hires,
2020 (by job category)
Job Category New Sales New Secretaries
Gender Female Male Female Male
Average Starting Salary 50,000 50,000 30,000 30,000
Gender Ratio of Average Starting Salary 1 1 1 1
Ratio of Average Starting Salary to Taiwanese Minimum Wage, 2020 2.1 2.1 1.26 1.26

Sinyi Realty hires only those with no experience in real estate agency and a college degree or higher for our sales representatives, providing a guaranteed monthly salary of NT$50,000 for the first six months, a higher starting standard than other industries will offer to newcomers and higher than the minimum wage set in Taiwan in 2019. (Taiwan’s monthly minimum wage is NT$23,100, with minimum hourly wage adjusted on 1 January 2019 to NT$150.) Talents are hired through procedures set out in the Hiring Management Guidelines.

Ratio of basic salary and remuneration of women to men
Rank Total Salary Monthly Salary Variable Pay
Senior Management
(Vice Presidents and Higher)
1:1.23 1:1.38 1:1.15
Middle and Base-level Management 1:1.08 1:0.92 1:1.23
General Staff 1:1.22 1:1.23 1:1.65

Note: Statistics for those employed for at least one full year as of 31/12/2020

There are no distinctions in salary by gender across employees, with any differences attributable to difference in job category or level. Salaries of administration vary by expertise, education, and market standards. The larger proportion of the salary structure for sales positions is accounted for by variable pay, while the large proportion of the salary structure for administration is accounted for by fixed salaries.