Management and Guidelines with ESG

In order to establish a sustainable supply chain, the suppliers of Sinyi Realty should provide products and services not only met the cost, price and quality requirements, but also met Sinyi’s ESG standards.

Management Scope

Due to limited time and resources, Sinyi identified key suppliers (those with high purchase amounts or with unique/rare products and services) through risk assessment. And for those who fall into high ESG risk areas will be required to improve and being listed in our management scope. In 2020, a total of 44 suppliers with higher impact on operations were included in ESG management.

Management and principles

Modify the supplier selection process

To integrate ESG standards in the original supplier selection process, and all key suppliers are required to sign the Sustainability Terms.

Consumers are now demanding to know that the products they buy are made in socially, economically and environmentally conscience ways. They look through the process from obtaining material, manufacturing, using, and disposing of the products. In addition to environmental sustainability, they also require human rights, work safety issues (such as fair trade, no child labor, etc.) being addressed. Therefore, it helps big if we select suppliers with the same sustainability concept in mind.

Conduct supplier ESG reviews and on-site check

To better understand the achievements and challenges suppliers faced.

To increase the transparency of the suppliers by requesting management information, and suppliers are required to fill self-assessment form to present their efforts toward to ESG standards. In 2020, the outbreak of Covid-19 has prompted us to think about the need to use technology, strengthen the supply chain platform, and to innovate with suppliers to face future challenges together.

Set mid and long-term strategic goals

To share resources and learning experiences with suppliers, in order to achieve mid-term goals by 2030.

We will introduce ISO 20400 and help to increase the proportion of sustainable key suppliers year by year. To promote a green and sustainable supply chain and to reduce total greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, suppliers may ignore their own impact on society without even knowing it. Therefore, we will provide learning resources (such as training or initiatives) to share, and make positive influence, which is one of the ways to advocate and to protect human rights.

Procurement Ethics Standard

To clearly state relevant considerations and standards when proceeding the procurement procedures.

Both staff and suppliers of Sinyi should know what standards should be met. In additional to the spirit of the supplier assessment framework under ISO9001, we added Sustainability Term, Procurement Ethics Standard, Supplier CSR self-assessment form, etc. We communicated supplier social assessment, anti-corruption policy, environmental protection, legal compliance and business ethics etc., hope to enable suppliers to comply with our relevant norms and being more sustainable together.

Focused on high-risk suppliers with legal compliance.

Legal Compliance


  • ISO9001 Introduced
  • Human Rights clause was added in the contract with suppliers.
  • On-site audit began.


  • Issued Procurement Ethics Standard, Code of Integrity in commercial behavior.
  • Incorporated Sustainability indicators into screening of suppliers.
  • Reporting the result on regular basis.
International Standard introduced


  • Launched 10-year suppliers impact assessment and risk survey.


  • Began to survey suppliers injury due to work.


  • Introduced ISO20121 and established supply chain management procedures and forms.


  • Amended human rights clause to Sustainability Terms.
  • Suppliers were invited to fill out the CSR self-assessment form.
  • Post-visit feedback form began to provide to suppliers.
From Benchmark toward Excellence


  • Enhance occupational safety and human rights communication with suppliers.
  • 65 key suppliers CSR self-assessment forms were received.


  • Local and green procurement was continuously implemented and award recognized for 13th years.
  • Fight against covid-19 with suppliers and help communities with better living services.