Covid-19 Response

Sinyi Strategies on Account of COVID-19

Sinyi Realty established an internal group business command center for taking responsibilities for the planning, implementation, execution, and enhancement of countermeasures to reduce employee health risk of COVID-19 crisis. The command center has developed “Sinyi’s Prevention Plan” with subsidiary management plans as a crisis alert grading and response system, R&R for prevention task forces, occupational environment and sanitization management, employee healthcare monitoring and management, business trip and attendance management as well as an internal/external communication.

The command center of Sinyi is led by our top management team, which team leader is CEO, set policies immediately in line with local regulations. Supervisors of each department are responsible for reporting self-health management form every day. Our measures may be rolling adjusted to comply with local governments’ instructions.

The housing market gradually recovered in 2021 because of the demand for residential property remained high. Besides, low-interest rates, sufficient market capital, and expanded investments by Taiwan businessmen are key factors for property transaction. Despite the fact that the housing market was severely impacted by the pandemic, we believe the housing market will gradually recover by ensuring transaction security, proactively anti-pandemic precautions, and increased vaccination rate.

Measures for stakeholders respectively


Sinyi Accelerated Digitalization in Transaction Process

We have worked on several documents in the commission process over the epidemic. By using network technology in combination with handheld devices to transform the paper-based document process into an electronic one. Excepting the first authorized should be signed in person, we promote digitalization of following procedures to reduce paper usage.

Significantly Increasing the Number of Digital Technology to View Properties, Sinyi Not Only Reduce the Risk but also Reduce the Carbon Footprint

In response to the implementation of social distancing, Sinyi has greatly increased online video for viewing properties experience. There are also 3D interactive house viewing and iPhone houses viewing combined with AR. DinDon smart viewing properties launched in 2020. One-click decoration simulation, which further reduces the risk of customers going out and reduces the carbon footprint. Sinyi uses digital technology to achieve a win-win situation for the environment and customers.


  • Every employee takes their temperature record before entering offices.
  • We Formulated a Sinyi Group guide book against COVID-19.
  • Hand-washing reminder signs and labels posted at the entries of HQs and branches.
  • Happy Health Management Center has sent kind reminders frequently via E-mail since the outbreak of endemic in order to provide instant and accurate information.
  • Sinyi provided ample supplies of personal hygiene and sanitation products should be made available, including soap, alcohol-based hand sanitizer and tissues at entries of HQs and branches. Moreover, there are sanitation products are placed in each meeting room.
  • The HQs installed an infrared system at one entrance which will measure workers' temperatures. If the temperature is higher then standard, the worker will not be allowed to enter. In addition, we implemented more than regular times for disinfection.
  • COVID-19 could permanently shift working patterns as Sinyi embraced remote working or split operation by the pandemic finds that employees could not return to the office.
  • Require workers to wear masks and put meetings online.
  • Add subsidy options for flexible benefits included workout equipment at home, laptops, and anti-pandemic supplies.


Community Engagement Modules

Being a part of community, Sinyi provided anti-endemic publication, spray bottles, and protections over things that people usually touched such as an elevator panel at the beginning for reinforcing human well-being.

Professional Disinfection Operators

We launched a professional disinfection service filed by the government. The anti-epidemic effect can last for 7 to 9 days.

We Drew up a Standard Operating Procedure

  • Inform customers that we will implement following measures because of epidemic.
  • Both customers and workers should maintain proper hand hygiene and wear surgical masks.
  • If the temperature is higher then standard, the workers and customers will not be allowed to enter branches.


Fundraising for Healthcare Professionals over NT$10 Million

Workers also initiated fundraising activities within the company proactively, accumulating more than NT$1 million for providing food, beverages, medical protective clothing across Taiwan. In addition, Sinyi branches among Taiwan provided more than 200 tents to hospitals during the early stage of the outbreak. In They not only assisted in setting up tents, but also filmed instructions for the vaccination process, so that the public can follow related precautions in advance.

Sinyi Workers Provided Kinds Anti-pandemic Precautions

Parts of store owner are not familiar with new measures for conduct name registration, we actively make a QR code for their business continuity. In light of insufficient blood for medical purpose, we initiated blood donations immediately.

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Build a "Community Action for Mutual Assistance Network“

In order to further fight the epidemic, Sinyi starts planning and working with the medical and social enterprises to build a "Community Action for Mutual Assistance Network" to encourage specific contributions to assisting communities.

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Sinyi Put Lectures Online for Non-stop Learning

Sinyi still strives to provide society with lectures in line with guidelines for prevention of infection,. We believe that different thinking and continuous online lectures could bring a good mind status to the society.


Business continuity planning (BCP)

  • Performed a regulatory review and landscape.
  • Established disaster recovery team.
  • Assessed risks and impact: Evaluation of the company’s risks and exposures; assessment of the potential impact of various business disruption scenarios; determination of the most likely threat scenarios.
  • Developed a disaster scenario, Sinyi executed assessment of telecommunication recovery options and communication plans. For instance, we established a system for employees could work from home.
  • Determined business function recovery priorities.
  • Prioritization of findings and development of a roadmap.
  • Defined an acceptable recovery time & strategy.
  • Performed practical exercises of multi-mode work.
  • Developed a system for improving the process.


Regulations for the HQs building and affiliates

Suppliers must also comply with the epidemic prevention regulations. Staff of the headquarters office building, including employees and workers are fully protected; elevators, public areas strengthen disinfection and flow control conscientiously.

Ministry of Health and Welfare-Crucial Policies for Combating COVID-19
Taiwan Centers for Disease Control