Env. & Energy Management

Management System

With regard to energy conservation and efficiency improvement, Sinyi Realty followed its sustainability development policy to review its related energy policies and management procedures. We implemented green procurement, introduced the Ubiteq Be Green Next (UGS) energy management system and ISO certifications. In 2016, we introduced ISO 50001 and become the first real estate brokerage company in the world to pass the third-party ISO 50001 verification. In 2018, we expanded the scope of management from energy management to other environmental-related management issues, such as water stewardships, and introduced ISO 14046 and ISO 14001, and become the first real estate brokerage company in the world to pass the third-party ISO 14046 and ISO 14001 verification.

Through carrying out ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 verification and our methodical efforts to understand both internal and external situations and the demands of our stakeholders, we have transformed our evaluation of environmental aspects, looking for both risks and opportunities for the company and setting out environmental management plans and targets that will reduce our impact on the environment. We have

  • implemented green procurement to use environmentally-friendly and energy-saving equipment
  • used high illumination in the office design of the branches
  • regularly inspected electrical equipment
  • updated the equipment of our headquarters and branches, such as the UGS EMS in the headquarters building, the “DOMI-Smart EMS" in the branches, visualization services and air conditioners and lighting control
  • replaced the equipment of headquarters building to reduce electricity consumption and improve efficiency, such as the Water Chiller Units in 2019 and the Cooling Tower in 2021

In addition, Sinyi Realty has set its 2030 goals of “achieving Net Zero and 100% renewable energy consumption”, hoping to drive the whole people to pay attention to the environment and make emission reduction effects significant, and protect the environment and ecology.

In 2021, Sinyi Realty has responded to the EPA’s project of “Green Life for All”, and joined the ranks of “Green Office” enterprises.
Sinyi Realty is continuously promoting green procurement. The green procurement expenditure in 2020 were NT$ 33,395,377. The accumulative green procurement expenditure were NT$ 378.2 million from 2008 to 2020. As a result, Sinyi has been awarded the “Green Procurement Enterprise” by the Department of Environmental Protection (Taipei City Government) for 13 consecutive years.
ISO 14001 & ISO 50001 Certificate of Registration, ISO 14046 Water Footprint Verification Opinion Statement

Sinyi Realty has always been actively concentrating the centripetal force of the community. By sponsoring community and interacting with the community, Sinyi extends its core value to neighboring communities. We hope that through the process of working together with community residents, we can enhance the relationship between community residents and thus construct a happy Taiwan. We are well aware that organizing activities will make the positive or negative impact on society, the environment and the economy, so that we hope to provide a sustainable event management method that can mitigate negative effects and enhance positive effects. ISO20121 is such a management system standard for the sustainable development of activities, which can help organizations manage and execute activities with sustainability as the primary consideration.

The Energy Conservation Activity in Piyaway Tribe

The Energy Conservation Activity in Piyaway Tribe

Responding to international concern, Sinyi Realty has introduced ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management Systems and become the first real estate brokerage company in the world to pass the third-party ISO 20121 verification. In 2020, we have selected the Zhongli branch as an ISO 20121 demonstration branch and organized “The Energy Conservation Activity in Piyaway Tribe”. We hope to convey the concept of energy saving and carbon reduction to the tribe and assist to replace old equipment with energy-saving ones, which enhance the sustainable life experience of tribal residents and also strengthen the interaction between residents to achieve a win-win effect of emotional connection and environmental protection. Through this sustainable activity, we consider the positive or negative impact on society, the environment and the economy, following the PDCA process to minimize the potential negative impact and expand the positive impact, successfully obtaining the ISO 20121 verification.

We start with the demonstration branch and take the lead in taking action to promote all branches of Sinyi to follow the concepts of sustainability and guidelines when organizing activities, consider the concerns of stakeholders, exert Sinyi’s influence externally to improve the awareness of sustainable development to stakeholders such as customers, colleagues, suppliers, and the general public.

ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management Systems Certificate of Registration