Ethics and Compliance

Regardless of how the objective external environment may change, integrity and ethics will always be our core values. In line with our motto: “Sinyi begins with trust and ends with perfection,” we will work to deepen our corporate culture of integrity and ethics and embed it into the hearts and minds of our employees.

To put ethical behavior and integrity management into action, and in line with the company’s sustainable development goals, we established policies and principles to follow.

For more information of ethical management    pdf Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles   Policies and Principles

Sinyi Realty's response to incident or clarifying media coverage, please refer to "Announcement".

The Total Ethical Management Committee (TEM Committee) is responsible for the formulation and supervision of the integrity management policies and prevention programs, assisting the Board of Directors and management to check and evaluate the effective operation of the precautionary measures established by the integrity management, and regularly carry out relevant business processes. The assessment follows the situation and makes a report.

Governance Structure

Sinyi Realty took the lead in the industry in Taiwan by establishing the position of “Chief Ethics Officer” and “Corporate Ethics Office,” which in charge of ensuring company policies and processes are in line with business ethics, developing and implementing ethical compliance-related communication and training programs.

Corporate Ethics Office E-mail:
Organization and System

Since its establishment, Sinyi Realty has upheld the spirit of ethics, abided by laws and regulations, and even has gone beyond their requirements, taking the lead in implementing relevant norms or systems to ensure transaction security and stable operation in all aspects.

Due to the diversification and globalization of Sinyi's operations, the scope of related business has increased. In order to enable each unit to comply with its business operations and reduce legal risk, established the Compliance Office and implemented the “Sinyi Group Compliance Principles” to integrate the planning, management and implementation of our legal compliance system.

Dimension Regulations to follow
Business operations and marketing Criminal Act, Fair Trade Act, Consumer Protection Act, Real Estate Broking Management Act, Trademark Act, Copyright Act
Financial and organizational planning Company Act, Securities and Exchange Act, Money Laundering Control Act and related laws and regulations
Internal and customer information protection Trade Secrets Act, Personal Data Protection Act
Personnel policy and management Labor Standards Act and related laws and regulations

Sinyi included the law and compliance course as a compulsory course for newcomers, and continues to provide legal examples to all employees through courses, seminars, case studies, etc., so that all levels of the company can be familiar with various regulations and related laws, thereby reducing disputes and illegal incidents:

Action Plan Explanation
Legal Compliance Column Irregularly publishes the "Legal Biweekly News" on our company intranet to explain legal practice with cartoons.
Case Study Announce case explanations for legal disputes, so that employees can pay attention to transaction security and improve service quality when working.
Random Checks We have designed internal rules and specifications for various types of daily operations that may involve illegal matters, and conduct random checks in the course of business activities. For example, whether there is false advertising violations, or whether our employee violates laws or regulations when using personal data from customer, etc.
Legal compliance review In cases of legal doubts regarding the newly established business services or behavior, each department shall file an application to the Legal Compliance Office for review on a case-by-case basis and provide legal compliance opinions.

Since Sinyi’s establishment, we have emphasized trust and justice, and have paid special attention to integrity management. To put an end to illegal or corrupt behaviors, there is a clearly defined code of conduct with incentives and disincentives, and violations are published in the company announcements in order to promote vigilance. In our “Regulations on Whistleblowing of Illegal and Unethical or Dishonest Conduct”, the reporting channels and acceptance methods for illegal, unethical or dishonest behaviors are clearly defined, and multiple reporting and complaint channels are set up to ensure that improper behavior will not remain hidden. Committed to responding to the opinions of stakeholders in a timely manner, each complaint or report is handled by a dedicated person. Depending on the nature of the case, it will be handed over to the relevant department or reviewed by a committee, which can then request a reply to the complainant or whistleblower within the time limit. If the situation is serious, the report will be submitted to the Corporate Ethics Office or the Chairman of the Board. If a senior executive is involved, it will be reported to the Board of Directors. During the proceedings, the information of the complainant and the whistleblower will be kept confidential and only designated personnel will be notified.

All information regarding complaints and reports is strictly confidential. If the complainant or whistleblower is an employee of the company, he or she can choose to disclose or keep themselves private when making a complaint, and the case will be dealt with after the case is received by the dedicated person. The relevant procedures and responses will be carried out, and the case will be filed in order to properly track it, ensuring that no one is retaliated against due to having filed a complaint or report.

Appeal Method

Customer complaint hotline 0800-211-922
24-hour online customer service
Customer Service Email

Stakeholders Email

Founder internal mail, or by contacting the Audit Office in order to express the opinion or report inappropriate behavior of employees.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Hotline 1234

Sinyi Realty has always upheld the spirit of integrity and transparency, and paid taxes honestly. Facing trends of globalized business management and increasingly complex cross-border business transactions, we established the tax governance policy to deal with those challenges, and to fulfill the goal of corporate sustainability and embody corporate social responsibility.

pdf Tax Governance Policy