Business Ethics

Business Ethics


In 2012, Sinyi Realty and the NCCU College of Commerce joined forces to launch the business ethics focused Sinyi School, using education, research, and professional practices to nurture future business talent with grounding in ethics.

Sinyi Realty further provides CSR scholarship to encourage students who are actively and interested in volunteering activities especially concerned ESG.     Learn more


Sinyi School assists the NCCU College of Commerce in planning specialist courses in ethics, including both academic and business ethics, and having these courses listed as required subjects for students of business at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctoral levels, as well as for EMBA students.


Sinyi School assists domestic scholars in writing research papers and case studies relating to business ethics, systematically improving the quality of research work. Teachers have the chance to be sent abroad for intensive studies, hold teaching workshops to share and refine teaching methods.

Professional Practices

Working with domestic and international schools, Sinyi School holds business ethics exchange programs, seminars, company visit, internships and career day. In 2020, five universities in Taiwan were shared with business ethics lectures and sustainable operation philosophy. 500 students were benefitted.

“The importance of SDGs” and “The opinions of Taiwan sustainability experts” was submitted under cross-industry cooperation and shared in 2020.
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