Welfare and Promotion

Whether governmentally mandated—e.g. labor insurance, pension system, categories of leave (personal, sick, maternity, pregnancy checkup, paternity, menstrual, family care, marriage, bereavement, occupational sickness, special, or unpaid parental leave)—or other benefits provided by Sinyi Realty—e.g. service fee discounts when buying or selling property, ESOP, training subsidies, public health checks, specialist health management, professional massages, employee assistance program (EAP)—a wide variety of benefits are available to all Sinyi employees. Of these, only the service fee discounts, ESOP, training subsidies, and public health checks are not applicable to employees on term contracts.

Flexible Benefits – Sinfu Coin

Sinfu Coin is a system that allows employees to choose the welfare items they need. The projects given are also becoming more individual and diversified due to differences in personal needs. We would achieve the purpose of enhancing recognition and satisfaction with the organization.

Subsidy Options for Sinfu Coin

Four Dimensions of Sinfu Coin

Benefits Provided to Full-time Employees

Group Insurance (Applicable to all employees, including term contract personnel)

Total coverage valued at NT$5 million, including fixed-term, injury, medical, peace-of-mind fixed-term health, cancer, and occupational hazard insurance, along with discounts on insurance for employees dependents.

Automotive Third-party Liability Insurance (limited to sales staff working at branches)

With the potential for unfortunate accidents in the course of carrying out their jobs, sales staff are provided with automotive third-party liability insurance in order to reduce the risk of damages incurred by staff and the risk of joint liability on the part of the company.

Health Care
Physical Health Check-ups

Each time staff complete two years with the company, they are entitled to one public health Check-ups. Staff aged 40 or above are eligible each year, and new hires receive a free physical examination upon commencement of employment. Staff dependents can also enjoy discounts on these same health checks.

Mental Health Checks

In addition to physical health checks, since 2011 staff have also been provided with mental health checks, with staff filling out online mental health questionnaires and providing individual reports to external consultants, helping our staff better understand their mental health as well as their physical health. For those staff experiencing mental stress that exceeds a set standard, professional consultants will contact them and provide individual counseling to help them improve their situations.

Employee Assistance Program (Formal employees and dependents only)

To help staff deal with non-work factors that may be interfering with them, we have followed the lead of Western trailblazers and, as of May 2006, established our own employee assistance program (EAP). With outside consultants ready to provide individual counseling services focusing on career, family, sexual relations, physical or mental stress, finances, or legal issues, staff can call a toll-free 0800 number and book a consultation. Through this, we hope to help our staff enjoy physical and mental health and a strong work-life balance. Since 2008, we have extended this program to also apply to dependents of staff, taking further responsibility for caring not only for our staff, but also for their families, letting staff focus more on their career development.

Childbirth Grants for Employees

Employees who have completed a year of employment who have a second (or later) child are entitled to a grant of NT$120,000 per child, paid out in monthly installments over the course of a year.

Stock Holdings
ESOP (Formal employees only)

Sinyi is the only listed real estate company to offer employees a share of their earnings, with bonuses of between NT$500 and NT$700 paid out each month in line with each staff member’s investment.

Discounts on Service Fees for Property Purchases or Sales(Formal employees and dependents only)
  1. Service Fee Discounts when Buying Property
    • Employees and their spouses and dependent children will not be charged service fees when commissioning the company for property purchases.
    • The parents of employees and their adult children will receive a 50% discount on service fees on property purchases, 0.5% of the total price.
  2. Service Fee Discounts when Selling Property
    • Employees and their spouses, parents, and children will enjoy a discounted service fee of 2% of total price when commissioning the company to sell property.
Training Subsidies

To encourage employees to pursue further education, we subsidies 50% of tuition fees.

Employee Bonuses

When the company enjoys a profit after annual settlements, cash or stocks will be granted to staff with one full year of employment and at the project manager level or above.