Message From The Founder

The founder of Sinyi Group, Mr. Chun-chi Chou, is responsible for the overall development of Sinyi Group.
By upholding Sinyi’s philosophy of “People first” and the business goal of providing a world-class service while fulfilling corporate social responsibility (CSR), Sinyi Realty has aimed to achieve the ultimate goal of coexistence and co-prosperity with society.

Starting from 2021, Sinyi Realty has employed a broad global perspective to establish environmental, social, and governance (ESG) frameworks and to mediate stakeholder rights and interests. Additionally, Sinyi Realty has actively established future sustainable niches and employed the concepts of trust, rigor, and ethics within the Sinyi value chain to develop sustainable innovations, thereby meeting stakeholder demands and providing a fulfilling and happy life for associated parties.

Sinyi ESG Business Policy and Vision, Performance and Management Process

Environment—Get to Net Zero

The impact of extreme climate events has pushed countries around the world to the frontline of the climate emergency. Taiwan faces multiple threats, including water shortages, power shortages, and the COVID-19 pandemic. As global companies, corporations should actively help prevent exacerbation of climate change.

In 2020, Sinyi Realty made improvements and achieved a 14.1% reduction in carbon footprint for each transaction compared with 2019. This increased the revenue per kWh by 5%, a new record high, and resulted in Sinyi Realty being awarded an A− Leadership Score from the Carbon Disclosure Project. In 2021, Sinyi Realty collaborated with the Taiwan Alliance of Net Zero Emission in promoting the Net Zero X 2030/2050 project. The aim of this project is to help Sinyi Realty and the Sinyi Group achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and 2050, respectively.

Overall Environment and Organizational Operations

Society—Toward Co-existence, Co-prosperity, and Co-creation

In 2020, the pandemic prompted corporations to value the health and wellbeing of their employees, the employees’ family members, and local communities. Given that humans cannot survive alone, ensuring mutual benefits, coexistence, and co-creation between people is crucial to being prosperous in the future.

Sinyi Realty has endeavored to mediate and pursue stakeholder rights and interests, with these stakeholders including customers, workers, and communities and societies. In 2020, Sinyi Realty achieved the following:

→  Held interviews with over 70,000 customers and achieved a customer satisfaction rate of more than 90%.
→  Implemented the “3H” policy—high-paying jobs, happy career path, and healthy support—to counter the high employee turnover rate in the industry, achieving a decrease the rate for three consecutive years.
→  Achieved a 99.46% coverage rate with the Community Capacity Building Project, indicating that out of the 368 townships in Taiwan, 366 applied to the project.
→  Established a platform to promote corporate ethics through the collective academic efforts of Taiwan’s higher-education institutions. The number of participants using the platform was not influenced by the pandemic and reached a new record.

Governance—Integrate Sustainability into Operations

Corporate governance represents a corporation’s promise to its shareholders. Sinyi Realty has met all of its corporate governance promises. The company operations are supervised by a Board of Directors elected by shareholders to ensure the long-term profits of shareholders and protect the rights and interests of all stakeholders. Through this operation, Sinyi Realty fulfills its CSR and ensures the company’s sustainable operation.

Sinyi Realty has continued to improve its corporate governance policies and pursued the motto “Sinyi begins with trust and ends with perfection.” Throughout the pandemic, Sinyi Realty has achieved a 30% increase in net operating profit and for 7 consecutive years has been ranked in the top 5% of listed companies in the corporation governance evaluations conducted by the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

In the future, Sinyi Realty will continue to challenge itself, innovate and redefine residential services, and contribute to Taiwan’s industrial development.

Supply chain management—Building Sustainable and Ethical Supply Chains

CSR, ESG frameworks, and sustainable development goals—these modern global trends are already incorporated into the core business philosophy of Sinyi Realty, namely corporate ethics. Ethics generally relates to the one-to-one relationships between people, whereas corporate ethics relates to how a corporation relates to multiple individuals in society. Corporate ethics encompasses the concepts of CSR, ESG frameworks, and sustainable development goals.

To adhere to corporate ethics when providing services and implement Sinyi concepts in the supply chain culture, Sinyi Realty has signed the Sustainability Terms and Procurement Ethics Standards with all of its suppliers, performed over 1,000 on-site inspections, and received the Benchmarking Award for Green Procurement by Private Enterprises for 13 consecutive years. By actively collaborating with suppliers to develop new community engagement models and committing to sustainable environmental concepts, Sinyi Realty has demonstrated its full support for green action.

By upholding business ethics as a core strategy, Sinyi Realty has developed steadily on the basis of our main operation and devised innovative methods of operation for protecting stakeholders’ interests and rights. In the short term, Sinyi aims to redefine and develop innovative residential services. In the long term, Sinyi plans to contribute to the prosperity and development of society and enhance the inclusiveness of our services.

Founder, Sinyi Group

Message From The Chairman

The Chairman executes important resolutions of the Board of Directors and leads the managers to make important company decisions.
Despite the influence of the pandemic in 2020, Taiwan’s effective pandemic prevention efforts enabled the housing market to recover by May of 2020. In response, Sinyi Realty has rapidly provided post-pandemic residential services, accelerated the digital transformation of its core operation, researched and developed innovative digital services, and continued to explore new applications for real-estate technology and artificial intelligence. The agent and commission sales and operating profit of Sinyi Realty were 16% and 30% higher, respectively, in 2020 than 2019.

Sinyi Realty upholds the core values of trustworthiness and righteousness and has also endeavored to improve its corporate ethics and promote its business philosophy. Treating clients like family, we provide real estate services and services related to the daily life of community residents, thereby fulfilling the living demands of clients and promoting a fulfilling community lifestyle. Through good services, good occupations, and good lifestyle as fundamentals, Sinyi Realty has steadily achieved its vision amidst the global pandemic.

Long-term Strategies: Sinyi’s Principles and Management Approaches in the ESG Dimensions

The long-term development framework of Sinyi Realty—namely the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) framework—was established by the Total Ethical Management Committee of Sinyi Realty by using the Sinyi sustainable principles as strategy goals. In consideration of the current problems in global sustainable development, including climate change, we employ the core concerns of the ESG framework as the main approach in maintaining stakeholder rights and interests, continuing innovation, and establishing future suitable development goals. In our operations, we have adopted the maxim “what is promised must be done,” endeavored to find a balance between corporate development and operating performance, and contributed to improving society. Additionally, Sinyi Realty connects with corporate alliances and supply chains to collaborate and converse with others to positively influence the industry. Through these actions, Sinyi Realty imparts sustainable development concepts and Sinyi’s philosophy to other Taiwanese corporations as well as global corporations, thereby establishing a sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle for all.

Mid-term Strategies: Sinyi’s Response Strategies towards ESG Dimensions and Material Issues

Sinyi Realty has actively responded to the sustainable development goals promoted by the United Nations and even adopted the goals as the direction of its sustainable development. By analyzing the future market environment and considering feasible actions, Sinyi Realty is fulfilling its obligations as a global citizen. Our 2030 goals are as follows:

  • Environment (E): To achieve zero carbon emissions, demonstrate the influence of green power, and increase renewable energy consumption to 100% by 2030.
  • Social (S): To continue to pursue a business model that complies with corporate ethics; to adopt the concept of sustainable branches with regional features and achieve mutual benefits, coexistence, and co-creation with local communities; and to establish a comprehensive talent cultivation system to ingrain the Sinyi brand in the next generation of employees. By 2030, Sinyi’s objective is to achieve a 100% coverage rate with the Community Capacity Building Project, increase the percentage of female executives to 20%, and obtain a customer satisfaction rate over 92%.
  • Governance (G): To implement transparent and honest corporate governance policies and become the leading brand in the residential lifestyle services.
  • Supply chain: To promote sustainable supply chains and achieve a key supplier inspection rate of 95%.

Short-term Strategies: Quantitative and Qualitative Goals Set Annually for 2021 

Since it was established 40 years ago, Sinyi Realty has continually fulfilled its corporate social responsibilities, upheld the spirit of “People first” and “Righteousness before profits,” and protected stakeholder rights and interests. By caring for the environment, making efforts in cultivating community care, and implementing integrity governance, Sinyi Realty aims to achieve another 40 years of excellence. Accordingly, we have established the following sustainable development goals for 2021 with the aim of collaborating with stakeholders in facing the impact of the pandemic:

  • Environment (E): To enhance carbon emission management and reduce carbon emissions, reduce greenhouse gas emissions (Type I and II) by 2.5%, and reduce the per capita water consumption by 1%.
  • Society (S): To ensure the comprehensive provision of services, promote community engagement through sustainable branches, promote diverse and flexible community volunteer services, and increase the influence of community alliances; To listen to workers’ demands and increase the flexibility of welfare applications; and to achieve a customer satisfaction rate of 91%, a 99.66% coverage rate with the Community Capacity Building Project, and an employee turnover rate lower than 28%.
  • Governance (G): To retain Sinyi’s top 5% ranking of listed companies in corporation governance evaluations conducted by the Taiwan Stock Exchange and achieve the highest operating profits in the industry.
  • Supply chain: To introduce the ISO 20400 sustainable procurement standard and co-create a new living service model with local communities.

In the future, Sinyi Realty will continue its steady development, construct a positive environment for the co-prosperity of all stakeholders, and pursue sustainable future development.

Chairman, Sinyi Realty

Message From The General Manager

The General Manager is responsible for formulating various business plans and coordinating and integrating between departments according to market conditions and competition.
Corporations with long-term implementation of CSR activities can predict and respond to risks posed by changes in the socioeconomic environment and also maintain their innovation to grasp commercial opportunities. In response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sinyi Realty upgraded its pandemic preparedness measures in 2020, established the Sinyi Group Pandemic Prevention Command Center, and made rolling adjustments to its pandemic prepared-ness measures on the basis of changes in the pandemic’s development.

In 2020, the housing market was severely impacted by the pandemic. However, the demand for residential property remained high. In the context of low-interest rates, sufficient market capital, and expanded investments by Taiwan businessmen, the housing market gradually recovered. For Sinyi Realty, implementing community engagement services, accompanying community residents, promoting technology integration applications, ensuring transaction security for consumers, and optimizing the service experience are the present issues warranting further attention.

Overall Environment and Organizational Operations

Short-term Impact of the Pandemic on the Housing Market and the Expected Stable Development in the Long Term

At the start of 2020, the pandemic affected the trade volume in the housing market. In Q2, the pandemic spread slowed and the government implemented economic stabilization polices, including cutting the interest rate and rolling out relief packages. These measures vitalized the housing market and returned it to its original growth trajectory. In addition to a reflux of demand for properties, increased corporate investment in Taiwan spurred trade in the commercial real-estate market. This resulted in the number of real estate transactions exceeding 326,000, which was 8.8% annual growth and the highest growth since 2014.

The recovery of the housing market in 2020 increased transaction prices and volume. To stabilize the housing market’s structure and protect the rights of home buyers, by the end of 2020 the government had implemented selective credit control policies and relative management policies to prevent housing speculation. Through this, the government ensured the stable, long-term development of the housing market through maintenance of natural supply and demand.

In 2021, the overall housing market remains in recovery. Given the stable demand for residential properties and the government polices established to inhibit short-term investments, housing prices are expected to remain stable. However, the spread of the pandemic in May 2021 prompted the Taiwanese government to raise the COVID-19 restrictions to Level 3, greatly affecting the transaction volume in the housing market in the short term. Given the active pandemic preparedness attitude of the public and the national vaccination process, the housing market is expected to return to its original stable transaction volume and prices as the pandemic slows.

Implementing Community Engagement Services and Improving Digital Service Experience

The core principle of the Sinyi Realty brand, namely trustworthiness, remains steadfast as our top priority. Because of the increased use of digital technology in daily lives due to societal development, Sinyi Realty has expanded its services to include residential living services, has resolved various issues in local communities, and has satisfied the living demands of clients and residents.

Sinyi Realty has further enhanced its community engagement capacity; the functions of this capacity have been most strongly revealed during the pandemic. Because of the influence of the pandemic, Sinyi Realty now requires every staff member to maintain hygiene, wash their hands, wear a facemask, and perform various pandemic prevention tasks. Some branch stores actively provide local communities with pandemic prevention equipment, promote correct pandemic prevention concepts, and provide chairs for older community residents waiting in line to purchase facemasks, thereby providing care to the community. Additionally, Sinyi Living promotes professional disinfection services that protect the health of community residents. Technological development alters consumer habits. In particular, consumers generally place focus on the service experience and simple transaction procedure. The pandemic has accelerated the trend for digital transformation. Therefore, Sinyi Realty has changed its client service methods and now employs an office-to-office business model to improve online service quality. By optimizing the procedures for remote client reception and online house viewing, Sinyi Realty has improved the intuitiveness and practicality of the mobile interfaces and tools for house viewing. Additionally, the possibilities of combining real-estate technology with artificial intelligence have been explored to accelerate the integration of technological applications. In 2020, Sinyi Realty released the DiNDON smart house-viewing service. This service employs a 3D simulation of the interior design of a house to overcome the existing limitations during house viewing and to enable clients to simulate their ideal house design.

Given the product characteristics of real estate, regardless of the digital channels available for presenting properties to clients, clients must ultimately enter the physical service environment. Therefore, providing clients with a safe and secure space for the transaction process remains the core service quality of real estate agents. A real estate agent’s attitude, professional knowledge, and market experience play key roles in completing property sales. By upholding the “People first” philosophy, Sinyi Realty continues to recruit professional service personnel and cultivates them with proper concepts and attitude, thereby ensuring its long-term growth in the real estate industry.

General Manager, Sinyi Realty

Message from the Management

Message from the Management