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  1. 202108.03

    Housing transactions fall in special municipalities

    Housing transactions last month totaled 17,591 units in the six special municipalities, down 29.7 percent from one month earlier, as the market started to feel the chilling effect of a local COVID-19 outbreak.

  2. 202107.25

    Sinyi Realty calls for 100 actions from community - to fight Covid-19 together!

    In co-sponsored by Sinyi Realty and Sinyi Charity Foundation, "One Family, One Taiwan - 100 practical ways to assist each other" calls for actions and ideas from the community. As long as you have creative ideas, you can submit proposals and to learn together. The solicitation event will issue a reward of NT$10,000 for selected proposals, and the weekly star will be added on more reward. The event will be closed on 7/31, 2021. Join soon!

  3. 202106.24

    Cannes Lions: Sinyi Realty pick up Entertainment Grand Prix

    Sinyi Realty's brand film 'In love we trust' won the Grand Prix in Entertainment at the Cannes Lions festival. It is Taiwan's first ever Cannes Lions Grand Prix.

  4. 202106.21

    Will you listen for business ethics on podcast?
  5. 202106.15

    Sinyi Realty sponsored tents for vaccine to fight against Covid-19
  6. 202105.12

    How a Taiwanese realty firm tackled young people's fear to get married and became the most viewed lo
  7. 202105.03

    For three consecutive years, Sinyi Realty won the highest honor from Global Views Monthly

    Sinyi Realty has been recognized by Global Views Monthly for the first prize of CSR award from 2018 to 2020. And it was selected with the highest honor – Annual Honor Roll, by Global Views in 2021. It is the first in service industry in Taiwan to receive this honor.

  8. 202011.12

    2020 GCSA Great Practice: Active Ageing – Gung Ho Project
  9. 202009.07

    Sinyi Realty Received the “Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility” from Commonwealth Magazine

    We are praised by getting the highest score in social engagement category, this achievement is not only break Sinyi’s record in the path we have implemented “We Are ONE” project history but also the best score in the category ever.

  10. 202009.03

    Sinyi Held Short Film Contest with A Theme- A Happy Workplace of Sinyi Realty