Privacy Statement

Sinyi Realty recognizes the fundamental importance of privacy, security and data protection to our customers and partners. When users use the specific features of this website, you will be asked to fill in personal information, based on the protection of personal information and online privacy. You information will be protected by the following statement:

The use of personal information

The collection of member information on this website complies with the "Personal Information Protection Act" of R.O.C.(Taiwan).

Accessing Your Personal Information

When browsing the website, you do not need to fill any personal information, such as name or e-mail address. This website does not collect any personal information without notifying. The server of this website will automatically record your IP address and the browsing activity records. So we can analyze the website traffic and user behavior to improve the service quality. The Use for statistical analysis does not involve any personally identifiable information.

Personal information provided with user consent

When applying for membership, subscribing to newsletter or participating in other activities, this website may ask you to fill in personal information such as age, gender, e-mail address. In this case, this site will inform these facts in advance, you are free to choose not to receive any message from strategic partners of the website.

The use of personal information

The personal information obtained on this website are provided for internal use only and are used in accordance with the original purpose and scope. Unless relevant laws and regulations, this site will not provide personal information to third parties, or for other purposes, and forbade the use of such information by insiders.

Internet security

When you change your personal information or find that the personal information is not correct, you may use the functions of the member area to modify and maintain personal information, including requests to stop sending newsletters. The privacy statement provided on this site does not include any other websites and web pages linked to this site.

Link with the outside website

The relevant websites or web pages may contain links to other websites or web pages. For those websites or web pages that do not belong to the "Sinyi Realty Website", the website will follow the relevant laws and the privacy policy.

The Use of program

In order to facilitate users, this website may use cookies to provide more customized services; Web server is used to communicate with the user browser that may be stored some Information in the user's computer, but the user is free to set cancel, or limit this feature.

Privacy Policy Statement effectiveness and modification

This Privacy Statement came into effect on September 1, 2003. However, due to changes in the external environment and technological progress, this website reserves the right to modify this statement in order to protect the privacy of members and meet the service needs. We will announce it on our website or notify you via email when there are any changes. If any changes to this statement cause you to be unacceptable, you may cancel the membership of you through the online message, or you will agree to the modified content on your behalf.

If you still have any questions about our privacy policy or personal information, you are welcome to contact us.