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2019 Global CSR Awards


Sinyi Realty shines internationally and stands out from nearly 400 participating companies and won the “Country Awards Category: Best Country Award for Overall CSR Excellence-Taiwan” of 11th Global CSR Award. We became the only award-winning company in Taiwan, let Taiwan once again stand on the international stage. Moreover, we also won other awards namely “Best Environmental Excellence Award,” “Empowerment of Women Award,” “Best Workplace Practices,” “Product Excellence Award,” “CSR Leadership Award,” a total of six awards. It shows that Sinyi Realty is committed to corporate social responsibility and has already established itself in Taiwan and is moving towards the international arena.

Dr. Martin Blake, the Conference Chairman and a member of the judging committee commented: “The 11th Global CSR Awards was a very well attended and successful event. There were participants from all over Asia and some even travelled from as far as Australia, Dubai, UAE, Taiwan, India etc. The quality of the presentations was high and the content was at the contemporary cutting edge of CSR. Finally, the calibre of the entries for the awards was truly outstanding, in particular, a significant ‘well done’ is deserved by Sinyi Realty who won multiple awards and appropriately reflecting the quality of the entries.”

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The Pinnacle Group International from Singapore hopes that all enterprises can communicate on economic, environmental and social issues, and specially established The Global CSR Awards, which is Asia’s Most Prestigious Recognition Awards for Corporate Social Responsibility. The Awards recognizes and honors companies for outstanding, innovative and world-class products, services, projects and programmes implemented in the past or present. The goal is to increase the global popularity of corporate social responsibility.

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