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Carbon Neutrality |Pioneer of Sustainable Branches

In recent years, the impact brought by climate change has turned into a “climate emergency”. As a member of the global community, Sinyi Realty has responded actively to the severe changes brought about by this climate emergency. Over the years, we have not only promoted GHG emission management and emission reduction plans over the years, but also actively strived to achieve zero carbon emissions.

The PAS 2060 standard is linked to international carbon inventory and carbon footprint standards. Through the process of establishing organizational GHG benchmark, implementing emission reduction plans and offsetting whatever carbon emissions could not be reduced, the PAS 2060 standard can ensure that the organization achieves carbon neutrality.

The PAS 2060 Standard also enables organizations to demonstrate that their carbon neutrality claims are credible and verified to enhance stakeholders’ confidence, which is recognized by international companies to take the lead in implementation.

Sinyi Realty has continued to implement greenhouse gas management and emission reduction plans and become the world’s first real estate company to introduce GHG inventory. We have implemented various carbon emission management and emission reduction plans in a gradual manner, such as implementing green procurement, introducing UGS EMS in the headquarters building and the “DOMI-Smart EMS" in the branches, visualization services and air conditioners and lighting control to receive energy information to achieve optimal energy efficiency.

In order to look forward to improve the effectiveness of carbon emission management and emission reduction, Sinyi Realty has carried out the branch carbon neutrality project, introduced PAS 2060 verification since 2018, selected 3 branches to implement this project and became the world’s first real estate company passed the third-party PAS 2060 verification. After 2018, we have actively expanded our project year by year. Therefore, there are 8 carbon neutral branches in 2019, 15 carbon neutral branches in 2020, and 17 carbon neutral branches in 2021.

17 Carbon Neutral Branches:

Tianmu East Road branch, Linkou branch, Zhongli branch, Zhubei High-speed Railway branch, Fengjia 12th Redevelopment Zone branch, Changhua Dapu branch, Tainan Chongde branch, Chenggong Hanshin branch, Xindian Qizhang branch, Xintaiwu branch, Xinyi 101 branch, Fengjia branch, Zuoying High-speed Railway branch, Farmland 16th Redevelopment Zone branch, Fengjia Qinghai branch, Chongqing Minsheng branch, and Zhuwei branch.

Sinyi Realty has used “Gold Standard Offset Credits from InfraVest Changbin and Taichung Bundled Wind Farms Project” to offset whatever carbon emissions we could not reduce, and passed the third-party PAS 2060 verification. We announced our successful achievement of 2021 carbon neutrality declaration. In response to alleviate the global climate crisis, we not only upgrade carbon neutral branches to “Sustainable Branches”, corresponding to the 17 goals of SDGs, but also purchase renewable energy to achieve the target of “100% use of renewable energy in sustainable branches”. In the future, Sinyi Realty will continue to exert our influence as a green enterprise, and work with the industry to move firmly towards “Net Zero” in response to the international goal of “Net Zero by 2050”.

PAS 2060 Carbon Neutrality Declaration Verification Opinion Statement